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> Create a video recording

Original videos such as video tapes, DV tapes, VCDs or DVDs have to be digitised and then compressed. Digital recordings from webcams or video cameras have to be compressed.


1. Capture Video

Start with a high quality recording. Since some amount of detail will dropped during streaming compression, a poor quality video will show up even worse when streamed. When ever possible, use professional recording equipment, set your input levels to maximum quality, and save your file in .dv format. If you must compress the file, use a high quality QuickTime setting such as H.264.

To record from a webcam (only good for head shots), follow your webcam instructions and save the file in high quality. Suggested webcams are:


2. Digitize Video

Digitize the video to a standard format, such as AVI or QuickTime. Edit the video with a video editing software to remove background noise, pauses, dead air, or other non-essential sections. Split the video into sections of 15~20 minutes to make it easier for your audience to download and comprehend the material.

Save your file in a cross-platform format such as QuickTime or Flash video. For a video of a person talking (no fast movement), set it to 240x180, 10 frames per second (fps). If the video appears choppy or missing key movements, increase the fps slowly (30 fps max). If the video is too small, increase the dimension to 320x240 and then 400x300. The file size and download speed increases proportionally to the dimension and the fps, and so finding a good balance between the wait time and video quality is crucial for web delivery.


3. Upload to StoreMedia

After you are satisfied with the quality of the video, go to the "download" section of StoreMedia and upload your file. Your file name might be renamed to ensure compatibility with various media players.


4. Deliver your video

Use the "Show Link" tab under the file name to retrieve the link to this video.

show link

Copy the link and distribute to your audience. They will be able to play the video by copying-and-pasting link into their browser location. They will not be able to log into StoreMedia to access the file.